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For more than ten years, located in the heart of Nantes, the law firm of Stéphanie Rodrigues Devesas has been offering a personalised and comprehensive service to its clients. Stéphanie Rodrigues Devesas, a lawyer at the Nantes bar, offers her services in 3 major areas: immigration law, family law and criminal law.

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What I can do for YOU

Our areas of intervention 

For each area, the firm offers a variety of services to meet the expectations of its clients. Foreigners' law includes, among others, nationality and naturalisation, asylum and residence permits, family reunification and visas, civil status and social rights.

Stéphanie Rodrigues Devesas has many years of experience in this field and deals with numerous cases relating to the situation of foreigners living in France or stranded in their country of origin.

The firm also offers assistance in all matters relating to the transcription of birth and marriage certificates, the rectification of civil status certificates, opposition to marriage, etc. In criminal law, her keen sense of justice leads her to offer her expertise, even in seemingly insoluble cases.

As a civil party, it offers full assistance to victims during legal proceedings. Stéphanie Rodrigues Devesas is also involved in family law. From the course of the divorce procedure to problems of alimony and child custody, she puts her refined expertise at your disposal to find solutions for your benefit.

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NB: the firm does not intervene for OFPRA appeals ( French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons)  and CNDA (National Court of Asylum)

Right of residence & expulsion

Nationality & Naturalization

Family reunification & Visas

Civil status

Social rights


Criminal proceedings

Correctional proceedings

Victim assistance

Alternative sentencing


Family law & divorce

Transcription of birth certificates  

and marriage certificates

Opposition to marriage

Rectification of civil status records


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A firm that defends you without language barriers 

With the goal of helping you maximize your chances of seeing your interests protected, Stéphanie Rodrigues Devesas advises you, guides you, assists you and represents you throughout the legal process. To do so, she relies on her in-depth knowledge of the law and becomes your privileged interlocutor. All the steps are explained to you from A to Z so that you fully understand the case.

In addition to its knowledge of the legislative texts, the law firm relies on the linguistic diversity it maintains to accompany you. Because we are trilingual, language is not a barrier to your defense. French, English or Portuguese, whatever language you understand, we can assist you.


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Lawyer fees

Stephanie Rodrigues Devesas puts client representation at the heart of its business. To this end, our fees are flexible and adaptable to meet all needs so that each client is well supported, regardless of their financial situation. Whatever your profile, we can accompany you and guide you through your legal process


If your resources do not exceed a certain limit, and a court has to be seized, you can apply for legal aid…


Depending on the contract you have with your insurance company, the fees may be covered by your insurer…


In all cases, clear and transparent information will be given on the firm's fees and may be the subject of an agreement…

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Opening hours of the office

From Monday to Friday

  9.30am-12pm / 2pm-6pm


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